Week 15 Recap


Sunday – Rest day.  Beach swim.

Monday – LB WO#4 plus TR #4 (200 swings), joint mobility, warm-up/cool-down.  60 minute restorative yoga class w/Kerri.

Tuesday – beach walk and swim.  Yogaglo class.  Tried a new instructor.  Was a good class with lots of standing asana work.

Wednesday – Took an additional active recovery day this week.  I’ll just adjust the schedule of workouts.  I simply did not have the energy to work out today.  Took a 90 minute yoga class w/Diane instead.  Several nights of insomnia plus the heavy workout Monday probably contributed to my weariness.  Felt a bit guilty for not following the program 100% but also want to make sure I ‘listen’ to my body don’t go into the ‘crazy’ zone.

Thursday – Lauren Brooks WO#5 (half kneeling press, stationary lunges, 1hs, high plank, 2hs) plus TR WO#1 (220 swings).  The 12kg bell is starting to be VERY comfortable for one hand swings and the 16kg is getting comfy for 2 handed swings.  🙂  Glad I took the extra day to recover because todays workout was good.

Friday – Rest Day.  Morning road walk with the kangaroos and horses.

Saturday – After a good warm-up and mobility work, I did 5/5 weight-less lunges and 3/3 TGU (naked to standing, 5kg to kneeling & 8kg to hand).  I was then on to LB WO #3 which was 30 seconds work/30 seconds rest (goblet squats-12k, C&P-8k, 2hs-16k, 30 sec plank, alt swings-12k, waiter walk-12k).  I did 3 sets.  Then I did my first 4 minute (20sec/10sec) tabata of 2hs & squat/thrusts.  WHAT A FRICKIN’ KILLER!  Finished up with another round of joint mobility work and a nice cool-down with extra yoga stretches.

Was hoping to have energy to do a yogaglo session today but seriously?  I’ve had enough.  I called it “GOOD”.  Seated mindfulness meditation and a nice supported savasana recharged me in anticipation for a party at the neighbors this evening.

So, that finishes up my 3rd week of Lauren Brooks Kettlebell woman program.  So far……EXCELLENT.  I really am enjoying it.  It certainly is pushing me but in a good, healthy sort of way.  I actually am enjoying the exercises and look forward to doing them.

It feels very strange to be in a ‘space’ where there are several types of activity that I enjoy and I really don’t have enough time to do them all.

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2 Responses to Week 15 Recap

  1. Love your rest days – means you are going to be able to put more effort in on the days you train and you are going to get more out of it. This is where you get the results 🙂 Brilliant – LOVIN IT 🙂

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