killing it with kettlebells

I’m back in my Talbot’s size 16 capri pants!  And, my favourite jeans – that were too tight to comfortably wear this September?  Well girfriends…..I need to wear a belt with them now.  🙂  It’s certainly been a slow process – but what I’m doing is working.  (Stay the course – don’t get crazy).

Now….before I get too puffed up – I’m going to just be grateful and keep doing what I’m doing.  Which is NOT dieting.  NOT focusing on the scale.  NOT even really focusing on what I’m eating specifically – just making wiser choices.  And working out regularly – but again, listening to my body and when this 53 year old body is tired – I take a rest day.  Oh, and for the most part no sugar or bread products – other than occasionally.
Think I’ll order that 20kg (44 pound) kettle bell to celebrate.  Might even order a 2nd 8kg bell!
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4 Responses to PROGRESS!

  1. Lynn says:

    I just had to check out your blog after seeing it on someone’s blog roll. I discovered kettlebells about 18 month ago and LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I work out with them as much as I can.I can’t wait to hear more about your workouts.

    • KrisR says:

      Thanks Lynn. They give a gal an amazing workout. I can’t believe how trimmed my mid-section has become in the last 4 months of swinging them regularly again. Even my neighbors are commenting upon it.

  2. lay some skin on me sister – fabulous – brilliant…brilliant…brilliant 🙂

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