Man on Top – book review


My Mister received a kindle for his birthday.  He hasn’t really gotten INTO it yet so I’ve been using it a lot.


Roland Denzel & his wife Galina Ivanova Denzel have written a book called Man on Top – lose fat, get fit and control your weight for life.  I’d read about it previously and had it on my wish list so when Amazon had the kindle version available for F*R*E*E for two days last weekend, I snatched it up.  Thanks Amazon!

Overall – I would rate it a good book.  I plowed through it quite quickly as it’s very ‘readable’ and conversational.  I think it’s a great book – for men or women – who haven’t spent a lot of time reading and focused on nutrition, health and fitness.  I would describe it as a book for the person who one days wakes up and says “crap……where did this extra 10 kilos come from and what should I do to get rid of it?”.  It will definitely help that person make small and manageable changes so that they can rid themselves of the extra 10 kilos.

One of the most eye opening points that the authors make in the book is that “every meal counts and every meal stands alone”.  Profound, eh?  In a nutshell – their thought is that you need to be aware with each meal that you eat to make better choices so that you don’t continue to add on the kilos.  Also, that if you screw up – so what.  Don’t throw the proverbial baby away in the bathwater…..just get back to business at the next meal.  Screw up?  Get up.  Screw up?  Get up.  So simple.  Such a simple concept but how many dieters when they screw up GIVE UP?  (ahhhh…..that would be me with my hand raised).

Another great point that they outlined is the 5 things in common with people who had weight loss success.

1.  The time is never right.  Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

2.  Have a plan.  Get educated.

3.  Have a plan B in case Plan A doesn’t work.  Develop a voracious appetite for nutrition/fitness knowledge.

4.  Every meal counts and every meal stands alone.

5.  Permanent fat loss is the ultimate goal.

There is so much more in this book also.  Nutrition discussion (they never really say DON’T eat certain things – just to minimize them), simple and effective exercise strategies, success stories and a fairly extensive recipe collection (the Mexican recipes will certainly be tried at our house).

It’s a great book for a beginning health/fitness/nutrition learner and a good book for someone who just needs a bit of a refresher on the basics or just needs to read something motivational to keep them on track.

I recommend it!

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