Week 14 recap


Sunday – Lauren Brooks warm-up, joint mobility, workout #2 – 3 sets (Goblet squat, one-arm rows, cleans, 1h swings, deadlifts), cool down.

Monday – another rest day.  60 minute restorative yoga class w/Kerri

Tuesday – LB warm-up, joint mobility, workout #3 – 3 sets, 200 swings ala Tracy 2013 #4, cool-down.

Wednesday – LB warm-up, joint mobility, workout #2, 80 swings, cool-down.

Thursday – 90 minute yin/yang yoga class w/yogaglo.  Standing asana work was brilliant and I loved it but arm balances were way out of my league.  I lay on the floor and watched them gracefully place their legs over their shoulders and balance themselves on their hands.

Friday – Had a hard time getting started this morning.  Really thought about switching around the workout program and taking another active recovery day today but truly – it was just that I was being lazy – not that I hadn’t recovered yet from the previous workouts.  I decided to just START and after I started if I didn’t feel like continuing – I had ‘permission’ to stop.  I did 3 sets.  Skipped the 4th because I was starting to lose form.

LB warm-up, joint mobility, 3/3 TGU, workout #3 – 3 sets, cool-down.

Saturday – Joint mobility x 3 sets; SMR work w/tennis balls & foam roller; 60 minute hatha yoga class w/yogaglo; 30 minutes restorative yoga

Second week of Lauren Brooks Kettlebell woman program.  I’m still liking it.  My glutes are rather sore at times but that has really been the only stiffness/soreness that I have experienced.  I break a sweat by the 3rd set of exercises so that’s good.  I’m finding that it’s harder than I expected when I first read through the program.  I had high hopes of being able to add in some of Tracy Reifkind’s swing program but most days I haven’t.

Food is going well.  Reading the Ditching Diets book has really helped.  (I’ll be reviewing the book this week.)  It’s been a month since I stopped fish oil supplementation.  The excess subcutaneous bleeding hasn’t stopped yet but I believe it will take longer for it to totally leave my system.

It’s been 2 weeks (I think) of no artificial sweetener and no breath mints.  I don’t think my taste for ‘sweet’ has left yet.  Ditching Diets talks about the ‘addictive desire’ and that certainly describes my relationship with breath mints.  I’ve left the containers of breath mints out – and I think it’s actually helping me stay aware of the addictive behaviour.  I have to consciously decide each time I get in the car or walk past the shelf in the kitchen to NOT have 2 breath mints.  I know this probably sounds silly to others – but it’s a pattern – a brain pattern – that I’m working to re-wire.

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