TGU Update


My turkish get up (TGU) does not seem to be improving.  I still can’t go to standing (naked) on my right side.  I use a table for assistance.  My right knee is my bad knee so I’m wondering if there is something I could be doing to strengthen it or if I just keep doing what I’m doing.

We’re heading to Canberra in mid-February and I’m hoping to hook up with a RKC Trainer there so perhaps he can give me some suggestions.  I might post on a couple of the forums I read too and see if anyone has any ideas.

I’m not frustrated about it – just want to keep working to improve and if there is something else I should do – I certainly want to be doing it.


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2 Responses to TGU Update

  1. The best thing you can do is not give up – which I know you wont 🙂 .

    Practice this: Start from the kneeling position –
    1. squeeze your glutes forward (tucking your pelvis under) – it should feel like you are performing a hip flexor stretch.
    2. take a deep breath in and contract your tummy as if someone is about to punch you really really hard –
    3. hold on to that breath and tummy – push off your back toes and front heel drive yourself straight up to a scissor type stance
    4. step forward.

    Key is – do not lean forward when you go to stand up – this disengaging your core and if you are not tucking your pelvis under you are not using your glutes to drive you up. Imagine when you go to stand there is an electric fence right in front of your chest and if you fall forward you will get zapped…ouch!

    Key is to create as much tension through the body as you can before you stand – that is done by squeezing hips forward – bracing tummy really tight and holding your breath to create tension to stand. If you can do this your knee shouldn’t come into play at all as you are pushing yourself backward from the knee not pushing forward with the knee as you stand.

    Another tip is to make a tight fist with the free hand – squeeze it really tight as you go to stand.

    Perform 5 x 5 unweighted lunges on each leg 3 times a week for 3 weeks – see how you go
    if form improves – do 5 x 5 rack lunges each leg 3 times a week for 3 weeks – see how you go
    if form improves do 5 x 5 overhead lunges each leg 3 times a week for 3 weeks – see how you go
    if form improves – complete a full get up from ground to standing.

    Let me know how you go xx

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