Week 13 recap


Sunday – Beach swim.  Water was brisk and refreshing.  90 minute Yogaglo Yin ‘stress relieving’ yoga class.  We’ve had house guests for 3 days so figured a stress relieving practice was right up my alley.  I was right.  🙂

Monday – Started the day with Lauren Brook‘s workout number one which included deadlifts, 1h swings, chest press, suitcase deadlifts & 2h swings.  Three sets.  I also did the warm-up and cool-down, 3/3 TGU and 60 additional swings.  Had a lovely restorative yoga class w/Kerri.

Reading a great book on the kindle called Ditching Dieting by Gillian Riley.  It talks about ‘addictive desire’.  VERY interesting – especially for someone like me who has dealt with overeating and food issues her entire life.  I don’t think I’ve ever read a book that has made so many connections so quickly in my head.  Amaze-balls.

Tuesday – Joint Mobility ala Lauren Brooks and an online yoga workshop (about 30 minutes of asana and 2 1/2 hours of talk) by Anna Guest-Jelley of Curvy Yoga – her annual CURVEFEST.  There was a lot of meditating, thinking and writing in the workshop which was good.  It helped me get more clear about my word(s) of the year and my intentions.  As the temps were in excess of 100 degrees – it was a good day for not moving much.

Wednesday – warm up, 3/3 TGU, workout 2 (goblet squats, one-arm rows, deadlifts, 1 arm swings, cleans), 100 extra swings, cool down.  I know I’m only 2 workouts into this new program but so far I’m liking it.

Thursday – 90 minute yoga class w/Diane, 3 rounds of Joint Mobility work, foam rolling/tennis ball work in front of TV.  VERY hungry last night before bedtime – which is quite unusual for me.  Was wide awake at 4AM.  Looking back – I don’t think I ate hardly any fat yesterday – just lean protein and veg – not even fruit.  Today I’m more aware of getting some fat in my diet – as I think that leads to satiety (for me).

Friday – warm up, 3/3 TGU, workout 1-3 sets (10 16k deadlifts, 5/5 12k 1h swings, 5 12k chest press, 5/5 16k suitcase deadlifts & 10 16k 2h swings), cool down.  Planned to do extra swings but have a torn callous/blister on my right palm so didn’t.  30 minutes restorative yoga w/yogaglo and 3 rounds of joint mobility work.

Saturday – scheduled REST day.  NOT a joint mobility/active recovery day but a REST day.  That means do nothing.  I struggle with rest days.  Do NOTHING?  Come-on now…..don’t the experts say I need to do an hour a day?  I actually feel a little GUILTY about not doing anything.  I need to get over my damn self…..lol

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4 Responses to Week 13 recap

  1. I love a good rest day – makes the heart grow fonder – to train 🙂 I find a nice restful walk is a good way to combat itchiness to train 🙂 I never believed in rest days until I started incorporating 2 rest days into my training week… I have not looked back since – my training has sky rocketed 🙂 Rest is good…

  2. I should say active rest – meaning going for a walk – no lifting weights 🙂

  3. Hi Kris. Thanks for sharing your blog address on my blog! Mind if I add it to my blog list on Lynn’s Weigh?

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