Two inspirational articles


Body Image…….oy vey…..

Build a better body image.

For me, the best sentence in the entire article is:

“The most important thing is to start focusing on health and fitness rather than aesthetics,” he says. “That gets you away from the mirror and more focused on what your body can do.” From there, he notes, the only “good body” definition that matters is yours.”

Amen.  I know this doesn’t fit with many of the Personal Trainers and Fitness fanatics as far as GOALS are concerned – because it’s hard to measure “improved health and fitness” but bugger them.  So my goals aren’t SMART goals (specific, measurable, blah blah blah). They haven’t and aren’t walking in my shoes.  This is MY deal and I’ll work it my way (while staying open to help and encouragement and education from others!).

I want to find a way to move forward toward becoming more fit and healthy WITHOUT obsessing over what the random number generator spits out as a number.  I simply don’t give a rats ass about what size tag is on the inside of my jeans as long as each day I make choices that bring me closer to being the best version of myself that I can be.

ok – stepping down off my soap box.


This article, Getting  back in the game of life by Rachel Cosgrove (author of The Female Body Breakthrough) gives me hope that ‘old ducks’ CAN make progress.  Two gals – 58 and 65 year olds – who transformed their lives.  Improved their health and fitness and then started COMPETING!  I’m standing in my lounge room cheering them on.

I’ll be rocking my 8kg Turkish Get-up before you know it.  Who knows what challenges I’ll come up with for myself to keep myself moving forward.  I am so inspired by these two women….there just aren’t enough old duck success stories out there.

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