Week 12 recap

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Sunday – 30/30 TGU, 60 min restorative yoga (legs up wall, savasana, supported twist), 60 min lower back yin class w/yogaglo

Monday – 31/31 TGU  THE END OF THIS CHALLENGE!  7210 swings and 371/371 TGU in December.  Now it’s 2 days of rest/recovery before I dig back in.  Today I did absolutely NOTHING after I finished my TGUs.

Tuesday – Happy New Year.  Started the day off with a leisurely road walk with the horses, kangaroos and wallabies.  What a lovely way to start the day.  I’ve missed my morning walks the last week or so…..I just didn’t have the energy to do them with all the swings and TGU that I was doing.  Finished the day off with a 90 minute restorative yoga session with Yogaglo and a 30 minute yoga nidra meditation.  What a nice day.

Wednesday – 60 min restorative yoga; 60+ minutes meditation.

Thursday – 30 road walk, 90 minute hatha yoga class w/Diane, 250 swings (TR new 2013 program – 1 pass through), 60 minutes restorative yoga, 30 minutes meditation

Friday – Continuing on with my one week of restorative yoga…60 minutes restorative yoga,  I’m looking forward to starting Lauren Brook’s workout program on Monday.  First swim of the season today – the water was gorgeous.  My knees are starting to feel swollen and hurt a little since I’ve stopped the fish oil so the cool ocean water was a welcome balm.

Saturday – Up bright and early (5:30AM) for a morning walk, followed by Buddhist meditation and then 550 swings.  Beach swim.  3/3 TGU (naked to standing, 5kg to lunge, 8kg to hand).  Had intentions of an afternoon meditation session but fell asleep instead.

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