Week 11 Recap


Sunday – 45 min beach walk, 23/23 TGU (15/15 w/5k to lunge, 8 w/5k to hand), 30 min ‘somatic yoga’.

Shortbread biscuits have been calling my name all day.  I’ve been telling them to shut the fuck up.  (I think it’s because I’m tired – didn’t sleep well last night.)  Planning to have dessert on Tuesday – dark chocolate custard – homemade.  It will be worth the wait.

Side note…..I really don’t like Christmas.  I just don’t.  I tend toward depression and sadness and loneliness.  I am so happy to pretend that it is just another day.  The sooner it gets here – the sooner all the craziness and expectation and disappointments are over and the sooner life returns to normal.  THERE.  I said it.  And I seriously don’t feel guilty about it.  (well, not much guilt anyway).

Monday – 45 min beach walk, 24/24 TGU (all to lunge, used the 8kg kb for the first time for 5/5 – very difficult.  Can’t seem to figure out how to bring it up and down without pain/discomfort.  It also caused the blood bruising on my arm.  Will probably wait until the next time I meet with an RKC to try to figure out what I’m doing wrong before I try it again.)

Tuesday – TGU Amnesty day, 550 swings (TR ’24’ swing routine plus 130 extra.  Did most of it, including transfers and sh swings – with the 12kg.  Added 60 2h w/16kg.)  Certainly have gained some strength in the last 3 1/2 weeks.

Today is Christmas and although I’m not restricting my food – I’m also not planning to go crazy.  I did have a slice of shortbread with morning tea but I planned for it by keeping my breakfast ‘normal’ with a protein shake after working out.  Lunch will be seafood – scallops, cold prawns & grilled mussels in tomato sauce (with wine, of course).  I have 85% Lindt dark chocolate ‘pots’ in the oven for dessert.  Looking at it – it actually sounds quite healthy!

Wednesday – 26/26 TGU (2/2 naked to standing, 5/5 5kg to hand, 19/19 kg to lunge).  First time ever going from floor to standing – well, first time in several months.  I guess I did it when I was with PT in Sydney a few months back.

Thursday – 550 swings (TR ’24’ program plus 130 more.  All singles and transfers w/12kg and all doubles w/16kg.  I might need a heavier kettle bell SOONER rather than LATER!  I was hoping to wait until we went to Melbourne in April and pick it up so I didn’t need to pay shipping but….hmmmmm……..might need one sooner?)

Back to clean, lean and green eating today.  Had two days ‘off’ for Christmas and Boxing Day.  Didn’t do the big pig out.  Had a couple desserts (85% lindt chocolate pots), 3 shortbread biscuits and 3 (yes, only THREE!) roses chocolates over the week.  Oh, and perhaps (you think?) an extra glass of wine or two but overall – it wasn’t an over feed session.  It actually felt good NOT to overeat.

Decided to do 7 days of restorative yoga ala Judith Hansen Lasater.  She apparently does it the week between Christmas and New Year.  Seems like a good way to ring out 2012 and ease into 2013!

Friday:  Rest day.  1 hour restorative yoga.

Saturday:  730 swings (Did Tracy Reifkinds #14 plus 100 warm up and 100 cool down swings), 29/29 TGU, 1 hour restorative yoga

Blisters/calluses are forming on my palms.  I’ve tried the palm coverings that Tracy talks about and they help.  I’ll also start filing them a bit so they don’t get bigger.  Plan to order some weighlifting chalk today and see how that works.  Still have healing to do from my wart removals so basically – after the month of high volume swings and TGU – my hands are in poor shape.

Weekly totals: 1830 swings, 129/129 TGU

Monthly totals: 7210 swings, 310/310 TGU

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