Fish Oil

I’m off the fish oil for at least a month.

I’ve started to get subcutaneous bleeding again on my forearm (when just lightly brushing against something) and the only correlation I can come up with is fish oil.  About 6 months ago I (again) started taking 4000mg of fish oil each day.

Several years ago this same thing happened – and the MDs did all kinds of blood work and couldn’t come up with anything.  They said it was caused by ‘old age’…..right……I was all of 50 at the time.

When I stopped the fish oil – the subcutaneous bleeding stopped.  Some sources indicate that fish oil can cause thinning of the blood.  So, I’m stopping it again and seeing if it clears up.

I have krill oil on hand that I might try – but I’m going to wait at least a month and see what happens with the discontinuation of the fish oil first.  Luckily, I hardly eat any Omega 6 oil so perhaps I don’t need to supplement with Omega 3 to balance myself out.  Who knows.

My main concern is that by stopping the fish oil – I’ll get the debilitating hip socket pain back that I was suffering from for about 9 months.  It was so bad that I couldn’t sleep because lying on either hip made me cry from the pain (seriously CRY….like in the middle of the night crying).  When I started the fish oil 6 months ago – which is good for inflammation – the hip pain miraculously cleared up and I haven’t had it since.

Now – the other thing I started at about that time as the fish oil was foam rolling and I must say – my piriformis muscle was VERY VERY tight and it took months for the pain to go away.  Today I have no pain – no sensitivity in my piriformis or my hip.

I guess I can only hope that it was the foam rolling and my (more) regular exercise that ‘cured’ my hip pain and NOT the fish oil because if I have to choose between subcutaneous bleeding of my forearms and intense, debilitating hip pain……I’ll take the bleeding.

Guess time will tell.

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One Response to Fish Oil

  1. After you’ve tested yourself without the fish oil, you might try just eating more cold water fish, instead. Absorption rates of EPA/DHA to the tissues (not blood) are far different from oily fish than for the fish oil as an oil. I would try that before krill oil, as it’s the omega-3s that thin the blood, not that it comes from fish.

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