Week 10 Recap


Week 3 of Swing/TGU Challenge

Sunday – 16/16 TGU – 6/6 naked to lunge, 5/5 5kg to hand 5/5 5kg to lunge (a first).    Motivation is flagging today.  Commitment needs to step up to the plate.  Craig Harper always talks about this – that you can’t depend upon motivation….sometimes you just have to ‘woman up’ and push through using commitment.  That’s what I’m doing today.  Commitment to being fit and healthy.  I’ll remind myself of that every minute today if I have to.

Also have a Xmas party tonight.  I’m going prepared.  Salad of tomato/basil/bocconcini cheese, homemade hummus w/raw veg and a piece of salmon to grill.  YUM!

Monday – rain so no walking, 17/17 TGU (12 w/5kg to lunge, 5 naked to lunge), 700 swings (#14 workout of Tracy Reifkind – hit the 2 minute mark), 60 min restorative yoga class w/Kerri

Tuesday – no rain.  no excuse.  no walking.  18/18 TGU (4/4(x2) w/5kg to lunge, 5/5(x2) w/5kg to hand).  Slippery slope on food today.  I’m working too hard to let that part of the equation slip – what I eat is 80-90%.  You can’t out-train a crap diet.  Lean and green tonight.

Wednesday – TGU amnesty day, 505 swings (270 dh w/12kg, 135 dh w/16kg, 100 TR w/8kg), 45 min yin yoga

Thursday – 30 min road walk, 20 TGU (2 sets of 5/5 w/5kg to lunge,m 2 sets of 5/5 w/5kg to hand), 90 min yoga class w/Diane

With the TGU numbers getting up there – and with me doing them with 5kg weight now – I’m having to really balance my other activity.  Bottom line – this challenge is really starting to get tough.  I’m pushing through but I’m also looking ahead to January and planning to back off on my volume.  Seriously thinking to do Lauren Brook’s 12 week program starting in January.  Not many swings in her program but good solid workouts that build in intensity and volume.  Her program combines metabolic conditioning and strength building so I think it would be a good fit.

Friday – 30 min road walk, unplanned rest day from TGU & Swings.  Went to MD and he burned (again) a wart on my middle finger and another on the palm of my hand.  Pain just typing so I’m not even going to attempt any activity today.  Will hope to be able to catch up tomorrow – if not think I’ll substitute squats and planks for a few days.

Saturday – 30 min beach walk, 620 swings.  (Bandaged finger and that helped but could only do singlehand swings with the 8kg as the 12kg pulled too hard on the blister.)  22/22 TGU (5/5 to lunge naked, 17/17 to hand w/5kg, tried 8kg but was too heavy for wrist), 60 restorative yoga w/yogaglo

Week 3:  1825 swings & 93/93 TGU

MTD:  184/184 TGU & 5380 swings

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