Regaining weight

This is such a powerful youtube video that I have to repost it.

As I have always said – it can happen to any of us.  I guess I’ve also said it in more harsh ways…..about 18 months ago when I had regained about 10-15 pounds and some of my peeps were in the throws of diet nirvana and the thought that they’d NEVER regain any of the weight they were losing, I made the comment “yeah, talk to me in about 3 years when you’re struggling to keep the weight off.”  Perhaps not the most loving thing to say – but certainly honest.

I think people who have struggled with their weight for a long time will always have to be aware of potential pitfalls and the inclination to use food.  It may get easier – a person may have tools and hopefully a better mindset to deal with issues – but the tendency to use food, once developed, is probably always there.

At least for me it’s never too far away.  One meal of overeating and the next meal is even easier to overeat.  It’s a very slippery slope and truly – at this point – even though I’ve maintained a 80+ pound fat loss for several years – I know I’m only one emotional crisis away from being 300 pounds again.

Thanks to Tania of PTmepersonalisedtraining for posting this video and her thoughts on addressing emotional issues to get to the bottom of your eating issues.  Be sure to put her blog in your reader as she regularly shares excellent information.

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  1. xo love what I read here Kris xo xo

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