Week 8 recap

Sunday – rest day

Monday – 30 min road walk; Tracy Reifkind workout #9 (500 swings); 60 min restorative yoga class w/Kerri; Day 3 of Swing/TGU challenge (3/3 TGU to lunge position).

On my last set of SW/TR, I could feel a pull behind my right scapula and up into my neck area.  It will get extra attention tonight when doing SMR.

Tuesday – 30 min road walk; 4/4 TGU to lunge, 75 min yin yoga, SMR

Wednesday – 30 min road walk, 5/5 TGU to lunge w/shoe, Tracy Reifkind workout #10 (600 swings – 8kg & 12kg), 90 restorative yoga, 15 SMR

Thursday (house guests) – 30 min road walk, TGU Amnesty day

Friday (house guests) -30 min road walk, 7/7 TGU to lunge w/shoe, Tracy Reifkind workout #11 (500 swings – 8 kg & 12kg)

Saturday – 75 min yogaglo, 8/8 TGU.  Very tired today.  Sore in my shoulder/neck/trap area – think it’s from the TGUs.

Was thinking to do 4 kettlebell workouts next week but have decided to stick to 3 sessions.  Tomorrow will be a rest day.  Beach walk if the weather holds and some restorative yoga – plus my TGUs.

Food was good this week.  Struggling today because I had a stressful 2 days of houseguests.  It’s a pattern to comfort myself with food.  I’ve refrained from doing it today – but it hasn’t been without difficulty.

Summary:  30/30 TGU;  1600 swings, 5×30 min walks, 5 yoga sessions

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