Week 7 recap


It’s been a low motivation week.  Commitment is still there but motivation to get up and walk in the morning when the weather is wet and dreary (and then hot and humid) has flagged.  I didn’t get my 5 walking sessions in this week.  And, I didn’t get as much yoga in as I planned.

Overall – still a good week.  Solid kettle bell workouts.  Food intake was healthy.  I feel stronger.  I feel lighter.  My core actually feels ‘engaged’.  My pants feel looser.  I’m actually going to re-retire my white capri pants that K4 left when she was here a couple years back……I wore them yesterday and they seriously look like clown pants.

Sunday – total rest day; calories tracked with Fitday (1400 not counting veg; FCP=92/53/97)

Monday – 30 min road walk, Tracy Reifkind workout #6 (450 swings  – 350 dh w/12kg, 100 sh w/8kg), 60 min restorative yoga class w/Kerri

Tuesday – unscheduled rest day.  Rain so didn’t walk.  Massage in morning and felt so good I just chilled the rest of the day.

Wednesday – still raining so no walking.  Workout #7 of Tracy Reifkinds (500 swings) plus 4×5 deadlifts w/16kg, 4x 5/5 halos w/12kg and 6x20sec planks.  Tough workout.  I did a couple one hand swings with the 12kg.  Seemed a bit heavy but will build up to it.  Halos w/12kg were challenging but do-able.

Thursday – 60 minute level 2 yin yoga w/yogaglo

Friday – 30 road walk, Workout #8 of Tracy Reifkind (500 swings – 2h, 1h & swing/transfers; 4×7 dl w/16, 4×5/5 halos w/12 & 6x20sec planks.  VERY humid already at 6:30AM.  Glad I have the workout finished.

Saturday – 60 yogaglo on hip mobility

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