Week 6 recap

Sunday – 90 minute restorative yoga class w/yogaglo.  Food – high calorie day (imitation Thanksgiving).  Still made wise choices with quantity though.  About 6pm had one of those intense pains in my chest/back area.  Acetaminophen took the pain away.  Had it again about midnight.  Has happened before.  I think it’s a muscle spasm of some sort in my thoracic region of my back.

Monday – 30 min road walk at 6AM, KB workout (520 dh 12kg, 5x20sec planks, 15 16kg deadlifts, 15/15 8kg halos), 60 min restorative yoga class w/Kerri, 30 min SMR.  Tracked calories today in Fitday.  Without veggies – came in around 1100 calories.  I’m guessing I ate 100-200 calories of veggies today.  I think it was Tracy Reifkind, who says in her book that she counts her daily veg at 100 calories.  Wine free night tonight.

Tuesday – 6 hour yoga workshop, massage – really helped my neck/shoulder.  Think I might do another massage before I go to a physio.

Wednesday – KB workout (520 dh 12kg, 5x20sec planks, 20 16kg deadlifts, 20/20 8kg halos), 30 SMR/yoga stretches

Thursday – 30 min road walk, 90 minute yoga class w/Kate, 30 SMR/yoga stretches

Friday – 30 min road walk, KB workout (520 dh 12kg, 6×20 sec planks, 5x 5 16kg dl, 5 5/5 8kg halos), 15 min SMR, 60 yin yoga

Saturday – 45 min beach walk, SMR, 30 min restorative yoga ala Judith Hanson Lasater

Summary:  3 KB workouts (approx 1500 dh swings), 4 walks, 5 yoga sessions, SMR most days.  Overall a good week with food.  Had 4 no-wine days, tracked calories several days just as a benchmark.  60+ minutes of some type of meditation/relaxation daily.  Took my blog public.  Feel stronger but not necessarily smaller.  I need to remember that my goal is not simply to lose fat – but to be healthier and the steps I’m taking will bring me there.  Yes…..losing fat will help me be healthier but since I don’t weigh – it’s hard to measure ‘healthier’ improvements.  Trust is my friend, I guess.

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2 Responses to Week 6 recap

  1. SMR – you want to do this max 2 – 3 times a week…

    • KrisR says:

      What are you basing this on? I’ve done a bit of a search and nothing I find indicates that SMR can’t be performed daily.

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