December kettlebell challenge

I’m considering doing the 3rd Annual December Turkish Getup/Swing Challenge with the people at Kettlebell, Inc..  I did something similar a few years back –  the 10,000 swings per month challenge.

I struggle with the TGU but I was thinking to add it back into my workout routine either this week or next week so the timing works well.  One of my goals is to be able to do a proper TGU.  My point of struggle right now is two-fold…..I can’t move from the lunge position to the standing position without causing knee pain.  The second problem is that when doing them with a weight of any sort, I aggregate my shoulder/trap area.

Basically, you do a TGU on each side for each day of the month.  On the 1st, you’d do 1 left and 1 right.  On the 5th, you’d do 5L and 5R.  On the 31st, you’d do 31/31.  Ugh.  That’s a lot of TGU but perhaps if I do this, I will be better at it by the end of the month?  Plus, I always do good with a focus and a challenge.

The caveat is that you do them in whatever way works for you so in my case – perhaps I’d do them naked (i.e. without weight) and only to the seated position – or maybe from the top down.  Just pick one way of doing them for the month and really perfect my form.  Maybe even schedule a Skype session with Tania to review my form.

The swing portion consists of week 1: 1000 swings, week 2: 1500, week 3: 2000 & week 4:  2500.  That’s a frickin’ lot of swings.  The last 2 weeks, I’ve done about 1500 swings per week so it will be a real stretch to get to 2000 & 2500.  HOWEVER – two things that might help…..I was planning to start doing 1 handed swings this week and you can substitute bodyweight or hindu squats.  (Not sure what a hindu squat is yet but will youtube it!)

I’ve a week or so to decide if I want to participate or not.  This next week I’m going to move on with the Tracy Reifkind swing program to sessions 6+ which include one-handed swings.  I did 3 days of Tracy’s session 5 (just adding on something additional each day – plus the halo’s and deadlifts from Tania’s program).

I’m also thinking it’s about time to go ‘public’ with this blog.  Still thinking…….

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