Cheesecake – oh, how I love it!  Baked cheesecake.  Baked by ME.  I’m a bit snobbish about my cheesecake.  No restaurant-style cheesecake will satisfy and certainly not one with some pseudo-fruit sauce on it.

I make cheesecake MAYBE twice a year.  If I bake it and leave it in the house – I can easily eat the entire cake… slice at a time…..until gone.  Trust me…..I’ve done it.

However, I’ve discovered the trick to making it…….bake it, eat one piece and then give the rest to neighbor Bob.  Works every time.  I satisfy my craving to bake.  I satisfy my taste buds.  And I satisfy my desire to be giving by handing the rest of the cake over to Bob (who I secretly believe has a tapeworm because he can eat anything and never gains a kilo).  Win win – all around.

So, I had my one slice of cheesecake last night.  The rest of the cheesecake went home with Bob after dinner.  I was totally satisfied and don’t plan to have sweets again until the Quilters Christmas party in early December.  I volunteered to bring the dessert so once again……I have control.  IF I decide I’m going to have dessert on that day – you can be darn sure that I’m going to make something that I LOVE in order to make it worth it.  When watching what I eat – I certainly don’t want to eat mediocre sweets.  (yeah…..I know…..I’m a snob.  I’m ok with that!)

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