Weekly recap

Sunday:  30 minute road walk, SMR, 30 min restorative yoga

Monday:  30 minute road walk, 30 minutes dh swings w/12k (448 swings-Tracy Reifkind’s session 4), 60 minute restorative yoga class w/Kerri, 15 min SMR

Tuesday: 30 min road walk, 30 min yogaglo shoulder/hip class

Wednesday:  30 min dh swings w/12k (478 swings-Tracy Reifkind’s session 4) plus 5×15 sec planks, 30 min SMR

Thursday:  30 min road walk

Friday:  90 min yoga, (rain so no walking – discomfort in traps so no swinging)

Saturday: 30 min road walk, 30 min dh swings w/12k (548 swings – 12 through 19 ladder, 3 sets of 5×20, then 19 through 12 ladder) alternated with 15 sec planks between each set (total 5), 15 min SMR, 30 min yoga

Summary:  good week exercise wise.  Very limited pain/discomfort in my Trap area.  Food intake was off.  Gave in to snacking and grazing.  Yesterday was a clean day with tracking in Fitday.  That seems to keep me more focused and aware.  I don’t want to get obsessive – or at least that’s what I say.  However…..maybe being obsessive isn’t all bad.  If I can’t find middle ground – maybe it’s better to be obsessive than slack?

I don’t exactly have a plan for next week – I’ll figure that out today.  My thought is to continue on with the Tracy Reifkind program (I think workout 6 adds in the one handed swings and transfers), continue on with the planks (maybe go to 20 seconds?) and perhaps add 1-2 items from Tania’s program (halo & deadlift?).  I’ll figure it out before I go to bed tonight.

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