Finished Week 4

Finished week 4.  Took an extra day off because of neck/shoulder pain.  Am ready to dive back in tomorrow with a new program.

I’ve decided to do Tracy Reifkind’s workouts.  I’m going to start with workout #4 – which is double hand swings, with on the minute (OTM) timing.  I’ll start with 12 swings and add one each set until I get to 20.  Then I’ll do another 10-15 sets of 20.  Plan to use the 12kg kettlebell.  I’m also going to add planks (5×15 seconds) to work on my core.

What I’m not going to do is TGU or one hand swings.  I’m going to strictly focus on the two hand swing for one week.  Hopefully by not doing the one handed swings or TGU, I will be able to determine what is causing my neck/shoulder issues.

Additionally, I’ll be walking daily (either road or beach) and doing yoga 4-5 days a week.

Overall – the last month went really well.  I still plan to radically reduce my wine consumption and I’m ready to decrease my food consumption also.  I had a rough day today with food – but I’m not going to let any additional rough days add up.

I refuse to give up.

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