back online – week 4 begins

I was off line for about a week as my computer crashed.  New one received and now I’m up and running again.  Need to figure out how to work itunes and iPhoto again as my old computer was 9 years old and not updatable so I hadn’t been using those to full potential.

Anyway…..week 3 was finished successfully.  Other than Friday’s workout caused 3 days of pain in my neck and shoulder/scapula area AGAIN.  I must be incredibly weak in this area for me to injure that area over and over again.

A max strength tylenol helped but every time I roll over in bed I have discomfort.  Not pain – but certainly something isn’t quite right.

Because of that – I ‘honoured’ my body today and didn’t do my Monday kettlebell workout.  However – that doesn’t mean I won’t do 3 workouts this week.  I’m just going to be on the Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday plan this week.  I DID get up and walk this morning and do a 60 minute yoga class.  And, I did walk, do 60 minutes of yoga and SMR/mobility work yesterday.  NO excuses.  As Tania indicated on Facebook today – just because you have an injury doesn’t mean you can’t work out in some form or another.

What do I think caused this pain?  I tackled the Turkish Get DOWN with a 5kg dumbbell on Friday.  That was the new thing that I added to the previous Friday workout (I did them naked previously) so I’m guessing that was the cause.

I refuse to give up.


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