Week 3

I’m into week three of the KB program I was given from Tania.  Summary – three 30 minute kettlebell workouts per week plus five 30 minute walks.  To that, I’m adding 4 yoga sessions (a couple live classes and a couple internet based classes through yogaglo).  Plus daily meditation of some sort – seated mindfulness, yoga nidra or savasana.  I fit in 30 minutes of meditation as a minimum….some days it works out that I can actually get 1-2 hours of meditation – NIRVANA!  I seriously wonder if a person can become addicted to meditation?

Monday we did the Tamarama (Bronte) to Bondi sculpture walk.  Lots of hills.  I could certainly feel it in my glutes the next day.  Nothing better than walking at the beach.

Tuesday I did my walking at Bondi Westfield before the stores opened.  I’m not a mall rat.  I really don’t enjoy shopping but prior to the stores opening, it was wide open walking space!

Today – is hump day.  KB  workout 2 for the week.  I didn’t do it following my walk this morning.  I just couldn’t force myself.  So…..it’s looming on the horizon to do yet this morning.  I’ve set 11AM as the time I will do it.  At 11AM, I’ll be wishing I would have done it at 6AM when it was cooler – but that’s the price I pay for procrastination.

My neck is sore today so we’ll see how it goes.  It was last week after the halo’s that I had the intense headache that lasted for about 24 hours.  I might drop down to the 8kg KB for halo’s today and see how it goes.  Also, since I’m starting out with a sore neck – I’m going to be VERY mindful of technique and if I have any discomfort – I’ll have to adjust my plan.

I’m re-reading Tracy Reifkind’s book and I’m up to the workouts.  I would really like to add on some of her workouts but I don’t want to overdo it.  And, everything I read says to stick to the 3 per week – that a person shouldn’t really do a full-on kettlebell (or weight) workout daily unless you’re switching between upper and lower body parts.  Maybe I could combine Tania’s program and add on 15 minutes of swings from Tracy’s program?  thinking, thinking, thinking……

I need to find balance.  Balance between doing what I want to do and what is good and healthy for my body.  I don’t want to dwell on my age – because I do think that can become an excuse – but I also want to be mindful that I’m NOT 30 years old and it doesn’t do me any good to push too hard only to injure myself and not be able to do anything.  Balance.  A hard thing to find sometimes.

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