Is 53 too old?

Is 53 too old to change habits and become fit and healthy?  After trying and failing for 40 years – sometimes I wonder.  It would totally be easy to give up and just take what comes my way instead of slogging along trying to become as fit and healthy as possible.

Is 53 too old?  Too old to establish healthy eating and exercise habits?  Every time I injure myself or get a niggle or pain – I wonder.  I wonder what the heck I’m doing.  What am I trying to prove?  Perhaps I’m just too old to change?

I need some ‘elderly’ motivation.  I need to read some stories about people who have made positive, healthy changes in their mid-life years or even their twilight years.  I’d take whatever stories I could find.  Surely they are out there, right?  Then again….maybe not.  Maybe the vast majority of people, once they hit 50 either have already established healthy habits or they aren’t going to. I wonder.

I guess if I look at my own family – both my mother and grandmother made healthy changes past the age of 60.  When Grandma retired – she joined Weight Watchers and for the next 30+ years, she was thin (after having lost probably 20 pounds I’d guess).  And mom – mom never used to exercise but once she retired, she bought a treadmill and has been walking ever since (and even joined a gym for awhile).  She’s also kept her weight down in the healthy range (although I don’t think she was ever more than 20 pounds over a healthy weight).

OK – I’ve talked myself into it.  It is possible.  I’ll keep putting one foot in front of the other – I’ll keep swinging my kettlebells and doing my yoga and walking.  I don’t think I’ll be entering any mature age olympic events – but if I keep doing what I have been doing – I’m SURE to be more healthy and fit.

53 is NOT too old to change.

Oct 26, 2012:  30 min road walk; 30 kettlebells; 60 yoga; 15 mindfulness meditation; 24 mindfulness meditation; 30 savasana

KB workout:  10 minutes of 2 handed swings w/12k (30/30 work to rest – approx 18 swings per 30 sec); 15 min (4 repeats) (suitcase dl 3r/3l; 1 handed swings 5/5; TGD l/r; farmer’s walk w/16k; 10s side plank); 5 min of 1 handed swings w/8k 10/10

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One Response to Is 53 too old?

  1. Is 53 too old to change a habit – HELL NO sista. Don’t forget – training is for long term health – strong bones, maintain muscle mass, cardiovascular health, moving to keep mobile not to mention stable.

    Forget the mind set of training to become a professional athelete when we get older we get smarter I like to say – we don’t have to train 50hrs a day – 30min is ample – it’s about training smarter – not harder and being consistent…meaning we do something everyday.

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