Week two and going strong

Oct 24, 2012:  45 min beach walk, 30 min kettlebell routine, 30 yoga, 30 SMR

Oct 25, 2012:  30 road walk, 15 SMR.  Took it easy today because after yesterday’s KB workout, I had strong pain in my scapula and neck area and a raging headache.  It came on nearly immediately after finishing my 6th set of 5/5 halo’s with the 12kg KB.  Took a tabbie but pain didn’t completely go away until over 24 hours later.  Also had some sharpish knee pain so skipped yoga today.

Did do some fencing/tree lopping but in attempting to make sure a huge branch didn’t roll onto me – I tripped and fell.  Luckily, all I have is a biggish gash on my thigh.

I’m not sure where I found this – – – possibly Tania’s blog?  Where ever I found it – I think it’s spot on.  After 2 weeks – I can confidently say that SO FAR – I’m on the right track.

So how do you know when you are on the right track with your health and fitness program?

  1. you eating clean (fruit, vegetables, lean meat, grains etc) everyday
  2. you spend 30 min everyday (minimum) partaking in some form of physical activity
  3. your clothes are getting looser
  4. you feel stronger; be it you have increased your weights at the gym, carry more shopping, unscrew a jar lid etc
  5. you have increased your cardiovascular endurance – i.e. you can now climb the stairs, walk further, walk faster, run, run further, run faster – you can perform more reps with less rest – you can now perform tasks you once struggled with
  6. you have more energy throughout the day
  7. you feel happier and more confident
  8. you have thrown those scales away
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