Struggling to do my workout

I didn’t sleep well last night and so then when I finally fell asleep for the 2nd time – I slept past my normal wake-up and walk time.  So, I decided to do a beach walk (later in the morning) instead of a road walk (at daybreak).  Which I did.  A long one.  Instead of a 30 minute road walk – I did close to a 60 minute beach walk.

My original plan is to do my KB workout following my morning road walk – because then I get it done in the cooler part of the day and when I haven’t had time to talk myself out of working out.  Since I didn’t do my daybreak road walk – I was off my game.  All day I’ve been struggling to get out to the little house and do my KB workout.  It’s like it’s a heavy weight hanging over my head.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m going to do it.  It’s just that I’m really dragging my feet about it.  I DON’T WANNA DO IT!  Which makes no sense – because I actually enjoy it once I start.  Frickin’ mind.  Sometimes it’s a bad environment to go to.

Thirty minutes.  In 30 minutes I’m going to go out to my little house, put on some music, turn on the fan and get to work.  Thirty minutes after I start – I’ll be finished and feeling so much better.  In the meantime, I’m going to go to Tracy Reifkind‘s site and get motivated.  I’m going to quit my whining and be grateful that I have a body that will allow me to workout.  I’m going to be grateful that I have the schedule to workout when I want to.  I’m going to be grateful.  Period.  And when I’m done……I’m going to do some yoga – just because I love it.  And then I’m going to do some savasana…..because that is the absolute BOMB!  Right…..I’m feeling better already.

Oct 22:  5AM:  30 min meditation (Harshada); 6AM:  30 min road walk; 7AM:  30 min kettlebell workout; 2:15PM:  60 min yoga class w/Kerri; 6PM:  30 min SMR

Oct 23:  6:30AM:  30 min road walk; 7AM:  30 min meditation (Stephanie); 4PM:  45 yoga nidra; 6PM:  30 min SMR

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One Response to Struggling to do my workout

  1. Always remember “how good it makes you feel”… tell yourself instead of being here fighting with yourself – you’d have done what you need to already – Just do it.

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