Turkish get Up

One of my goals is to do a Turkish Get Up (TGU) fully, completely, in perfect form.  I am so far away from that goal right now it’s not funny.  Right now, I’m practicing either naked (without weight) or with a 5kg dumbbell and really working on getting the steps and form correct.

I have knee issues and so spending time on my knees causes problems.  Also, the fact that my core is not real strong leads to a huge struggle to move from kneeling to standing while remaining vertical.

At this point – I’m practicing the TGU from the ‘ground up’ and the TGD (Turkish Get Down) from the ‘top down’.  I’ll join them together at some point.

Here are two youtube demonstrations of the TGU that I find very beneficial.

October 19, 2012:  45 road walk, 60 yoga, 40 meditation, need to be more mindful of food choices – too much still.

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