Didn’t wanna do it

I didn’t want to get up and walk this morning.  Even though it’s my goal to walk 5 days a week.  I was up before 4AM.  Back down at 5AM and fell asleep until 6:30.  It would have been real easy to bag on walking today because it was later than my ‘normal’ time to walk.

Instead – I pulled my backside out of bed and put my shoes on and headed out the door.  Even though I was whining to my partner about not wanting to do it.  (He of course was totally supportive (insert sarcasm!) and said “well don’t do it then!”.  NOT the support I need – but I know where he’s coming from.  His idea – if you’re going to do it – DO IT.  If you’re going to complain and whine and whinge – DON’T DO IT.)

So, I walked.  I ate an apple.  I enjoyed the quiet of the morning.  I greeted the neighbor who had just fed his horses.  I greeted Bob’s Angels (the three neighbor ladies who walk together each morning).  I did a 2nd lap.  I’m so glad I did it.

Later today – yoga.  Tomorrow I’ll be doing my 3rd KB workout for the week.  I’m on track.

October 18:  30 minute road walk, 30 min foam rolling

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