October 17, 2012

6AM:  30 min road walk

6:30AM:  30 min KB workout ala Tania (I’m modifying this program to my level.  I am only doing the TGU to the seated (up on hand) position this week because I’m trying to keep my foot and ass on the ground while moving from the floor to the seated position.  I’m also doing it with a 5kg dumbbell rather than the 8kg KB in the program.  Start slow and light and get my technique right is what I’m aiming for.  I really want to master the TGU – but in my condition – I know I need to proceed with baby steps in order not to injure myself.

7:15AM:  23 min seated mindfulness meditation

3PM:  20 min yoga nidra

5PM:  10 min foam/tennis ball rolling – especially focused on right scapula (have a spot that is very tight/sore)

Felt like I was at loose ends today.  By mid-afternoon, I was struggling to stay out of the kitchen and I fell into a bit of a ‘grazing’ habit.  1/2 piece of grilled chicken thigh, 5 nibs of cocoa, a few nuts, an apple.  I don’t think I was REALLY hungry….just bored and I turned to food.  Didn’t even feel like yoga or meditation today which is very unusual.

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