Get up – fall down – get up – fall down

Crap.  I fell back down the hole.  Today I’m getting up again.  At least I didn’t decorate the hole while I was there – just temporarily started eating too many carbs.  It started with a bite of the tip of Mr. W’s Magnum bar.  Then 2 squares of 85% dark chocolate.  Then a serving of pasta.  All fine on their own in moderation but then it was a row of chocolate. And then it was chocolate in the middle of the day.  And a bigger serving of pasta.  And pancakes with syrup.  And then too much cheese.

Enough.  Before I slide further down into the rabbit hole – I’m calling enough and cleaning up my act again.  Not only am I cleaning up my act – but I’m challenging myself to stick to clean eating and an exercise plan.

I have a doctor’s appointment in about 3 months.  I really would like to be 10kg lighter by then.  It will take extremely hard work and dedication to get there – but I’m going to do it.

Today – I’m back on my game.  Today – I’m taking a picture of where I am so that I can compare it in 3 months to where I’ll be (I don’t weigh).  I refuse to give up.

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One Response to Get up – fall down – get up – fall down

  1. If you find pasta, chocolate and ice cream a temptation – do not have these things present in your cupboards – if it is not there you can not eat it. Replace these foods with fruit, nuts, quinoa and lean meats… or better still when you think you are hungry – try water first 🙂

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