First Post


20 min road walk at 5:45AM

40 min yoga nidra meditation

20 min seated mindfulness meditation

kettlebell swings:  5 min w/8k x16pm then 10 min w/12k w12pm (240 total swings)

50 min yogaglo yoga class

20 min savasana

30 min foam rolling & yoga stretches

Physical state:  Dealing with knee problems this week so have backed off on doing TGU and deadlifts.  Pain is not constant but I have frequent twinges on the side of the knee caps.

Food:  Still not eating sugar or processed food products.  It probably wouldn’t hurt to track my calories for a week or two with Fitday again just to pull everything back into a good caloric level as I’m sure the last couple weeks I’ve been over what I need to be in order to drop more weight.

A few people have commented that it looks like I’ve lost weight.  I’m sure I have because my jeans are quite comfortable now.  Next goal is to need a belt in order to keep the jeans up – or wear my tight capri pants from a few years back.

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