yoga with GaiaTV


I’ve started doing Rodney & Colleen Yee’s yoga series on Gaia (online yoga class site).  14 episodes.  I’m on number 3.  It’s a good refresher and frankly – it’s pushing me.  I’ve become too comfortable doing yin and restorative ONLY.

I’m also back to eating lean and green.  Limiting my wine consumption.  Cutting out sugar and processed carbs.  I’m at risk of weighing 300 pounds again if I don’t start to make better food choices.  Trust me……that’s not somewhere I want to go.

I need to find middle ground.  Middle ground between obsession/control and total abandon.  Not only with food and exercise – but with life.

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TED talk by Gillian Riley

Her books address our ‘addictive desire’.  The desire to eat when you aren’t hungry.  I’ve read both of her books and had success when I follow the basic premise of “times and plans”.

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I’ve fallen and I can’t get up…..

Well, that’s not entirely true.  For a week now, I’ve been following Whole30 – in an attempt to get back to my lean, mean and green way of eating.  I’m also back to swinging my bells (3 sessions in).

Not sure if I will be blogging regularly or not but know that I did a whole lot better with choices and focus when I was blogging.

I don’t want to be obsessive but I do want to be focused.

Time will tell.

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Switching gears


I’ve switched gears.  Instead of doing Pavel’s 100 swings and 5/5 TGU program, I’m back to following Lauren Brook’s BeSlam program.  I’m making modifications though.  I just simply don’t have the strength or energy to do it as outlined but I do like the workouts.  I could push myself but why?  Why risk injuring myself again?

So, my modifications are to do the strength workouts – 3 per week.  Do as many sets as feels comfortable.  If my back or hips start to complain – I back off.  And, I’m not doing the heaviest weights I can possibly do – I’m doing a REASONABLE weight.

Oh sure there are people out there that will think I’m wimping out.  And honestly?   There is a part of me that says I should be pushing it harder.  Do MORE.  Push HARDER. The voices in my head are not always nice or smart.  Bottom line?  I’ll do what I do.  Period.  I really don’t care what anyone else thinks OR what the fucked up voices in my head say.

I’m also still doing yoga (went to a great class on the beach at 8am this morning).  Daily.  I don’t do strong yoga.  If I’m in a class and I can tell it’s pushing me too hard (especially with my hips or wrists) – I back off.  I do my own thing.  I guess you could say that I dance to my own tune.  A 55-year-old-woman’s tune.

Although there are a couple local classes that I enjoy, I actually am enjoying doing my own yoga at home more than anything.  Between doing my own thing, Ekhart yoga and a couple good DVDs that I have – I have a nice, regular, gentle yoga practice.  Restorative and yin yoga are my favorites right now.

I spend time daily (usually at least an hour) doing a couple different types of meditation (love seated mindfulness and yoga nidra) and have been incorporating more and more breath-based work into my day.  I really think doing the breath work – especially at bedtime – has helped with my menopause related insomnia.

Food?  Still not where I want it to be.  Still working on it.

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I’m still here…

Still here.  Still swinging my bells and doing yoga.  Still trying to get back to where I was. Guess I just don’t feel like talking/blogging.

Sometimes I get tired of the niggling aches and pains I seem to be more aware of lately.   I think in the back of my mind each ache and pain is subconsciously triggering fear of a full-out pain attack again.  I need to get over that.  It helps when I  then remember to be grateful.  Gratitude solves a multitude of problems/issues!

This week I’ll increase to the 12kg kettlebell for my dh swings and see how that goes.  Last week I comfortably was doing single hand swings with the 8kg.

Striving for 5 days of a minimum of 100 swings each week.  Plus daily yoga.  I’m alternating between types of yoga (Iyengar, Hatha, Yin, Restorative) and never two stronger classes in a row.  So far I’ve fallen somewhat short of my intention but I guess that’s what goals are for.

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